West Michigan: Newsmakers May 20, 2008





After 35 years of dealing with lake effect snow, Craig James is retiring. The chief meteorologist at WOOD TV8 since 1985, Craig began his weather career as an observer for the United States Air Force. A Penn State graduate, he worked weekends in Pittsburgh before moving on to Green Bay, where he got the chance to forecast the weather before each Packer game. Craig became the chief meteorologist for WZZM in 1973, when his hair was longer and he had a moustache. It was also at WZZM that he met Bill Steffen, who also had longer hair and a moustache. Today, only Bill retains the cookie duster. In 1985, in one of the most talked-about television moves in the city's history, Craig came over to WOOD TV8. For the past 23 years, he's guided the weather coverage as Chief Meteorologist through the days before Doppler Radar and the Internet became household names and must-have tools for meteorologists... WOOD TV8s Craig James is retiring (Tue, 5/20)







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