West Michigan: Newsmakers May 9, 2008




Grand Rapids Press:

The Fifth Third River Bank Run might not initially seem like the type of event that's conducive to a radio telecast. After all, how exciting can listening to a bunch of runners pounding the pavement be, right? Angela Vuyst, the program director at WOOD-AM (1300), begs to differ. The radio station, which has aired all 30 previous River Bank Runs, will start its 31st broadcast at 7 a.m. Saturday. "We give the runners a lot of credit because the rest of us are sitting back and watching them run during the broadcast," Vuyst said. Actually, Vuyst will be doing more than just sitting around during the race. This will be her ninth year as the event's producer and engineer. And she has a number of reasons why this year's broadcast is worth tuning into... River Run airs on WOOD radio for 31st time (Fri, 5/9)







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