Interview with Art Vuolo




Decades old modus operandi of the typical radio convention attendee remains intact: Stick your head in a session just long enough to be seen, move on to the next room and avoid getting buttonholed by the person you're desperately trying to avoid. Rinse and repeat. Noticeably and uniquely different from that routine is someone who isn't a group head, market manager, programmer, on-air talent or any other form of station employee yet nevertheless possesses an arduous schedule calling for him to be an integral part of approximately eight different annual confabs. Once inside a particular convention session, the man with a seemingly bottomless pit of industry contacts is there to stay. There's no ducking in and out for this individual with a tremendously high profile, fueled in great measure by his instant likeability quotient. Knowledge of Motor City and Michigan radio is encyclopedic for Brooklyn-born Art Vuolo, but expertise of the Vuolo Video Air-Chex creator extends far beyond the Great Lake State's upper and lower peninsulas... Artisan Crafts Valuable Video History (Mon, 6/2)







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