Television: Newsmakers June 26, 2008




Hillsdale Daily News:

By federal mandate, the broadcast of analog television signals will cease on Feb. 17, 2009. But the extreme level of demand for digital television converter boxes means consumers might have less time than they think to prepare for the switch. Because traditional analog television sets are not compatible with digital signals, consumers will need to do one of three things: * Purchase a digital converter box that will convert the new digital signal into an analog signal the existing set can interpret. Analog users might also require a new set top antenna depending on what model they have. * Switch to a cable or satellite provider. * Purchase a television set with a built-in digital converter. A coupon program launched by the Department of Commerce on Jan. 1, 2008 provides coupons for the purchase of digital converter boxes. This combined with the relative expense of the other options means most consumers are trying to purchase the converter boxes... Digital TV converter box proves to be prized item (Wed, 6/25)







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