West Michigan: Newsmakers June 6, 2008




Grand Rapids Press:

The owner of NBC-TV affiliate WOOD-TV (Channel 8) and two other West Michigan television stations is demanding cable provider Charter Communications Inc. pay to carry its signals or else pull them off its system at the end of June. The dispute could make it more difficult for thousands of Charter Communications customers in West Michigan to see the Summer Olympic Games, which start Aug. 8, and other NBC programs. Officials from Providence, R.I.-based LIN TV Corp., which also owns ABC-TV affiliate WOTV-TV (Channel 4) and MyNetworkTV affiliate WXSP-TV (Channel 18), said the payment demand is not different than Charter's payments to other cable-only channels. All of LIN's stations would be removed from St. Louis-based Charter's system if the dispute is not resolved. Under federal law, Charter can't carry LIN's station signals without a retransmission agreement. Charter's services areas in West Michigan include the Rockford area; much of Ottawa County and most of Allegan County... WOOD-TV demands Charter pay or pull the plug (Fri, 6/6)







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