West Michigan: Newsmakers July 16, 2008




Grand Rapids Press:

Weekend news anchor Larry Figurski of WOOD-TV (Channel 8) considers himself fortunate for surviving last week what many do not: a massive heart attack. Figurski, anchor of Channel 8's Weekend Daybreak and 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sunday sportscasts, figures the reason his life was spared from sudden cardiac arrest is because he lives two miles from Metro Health Hospital. "When you hear people use terms like 'widow maker' you're lucky to have survived," said Figurski, 43, who is married and the father of two young daughters. Figurski said he is fortunate in more ways than one. He was not in the habit of going to a doctor for an annual physical. He's plays hockey, but has a taste for too much fast food, he said. And his family has a history of heart disease. "It's kind of ironic," Figurski said. "My father had a heart attack at 43 or 44. His father had a couple and he died at 69." Figurski's duties will be divided among other reporters until he returns to work, said WOOD-TV news director Patti McGettigan... WOOD-TV weekend anchor Larry Figurski survives massive heart attack (Wed, 7/16)







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