Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Aug 20, 2008




Metro Times:

The highest-rated entertainer on Detroit prime-time television is rarely seen on camera. He broadcasts almost every day from April to October, ad-libs most of his dialogue and gives cable viewers distinctly new definitions to words like "filthy," "cheese" and "elevated." Unquestionably, Rod Allen, the Detroit Tigers' color commentator on FSN Detroit the past six seasons, represents the lighter side of our home team's TV coverage. Roderick the entertainer. While Detroit native Mario Impemba provides the smooth, just-the-stats-ma'am play-by-play, Allen is the jovial, speed-of-thought contributor, frequently peppering his observations with catchphrases like "podnah," "without question" and "Mr. Snappy"... He comes in colors (Wed, 8/20)



Detroit Free Press:

Summertime radio ratings: Sometimes, they're hard to interpret, based on talent on vacation and other vagaries like the ongoing mayoral crisis in Detroit. So what to do with Tuesday's Arbitron monthly ratings release? Try the following: What with much attention showered on the breakup of the top-rated WRIF-FM "Drew & Mike Show" for the past few months, this is a good time to take note of the total listenership picture. WJR is the overall leader, with the Paul W. Smith morning show and its 5.8 mark running ahead of the station's 5.3 mark among all listeners... Paul W. Smith helps put WJR-AM on top (Wed, 8/20)







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