Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Aug 11, 2008




Saginaw News:

The much-hyped transition from analog to digital television is six months away. The congressionally mandated transition requires all full-power television stations to broadcast only in a digital format starting in mid-February. Anyone with a non-digital television who uses an antenna will need a converter box. "A lot of households still have a television with rabbit ears or an antenna in their basement or garage, but people forget about those," said Mike Tamme, Channel 5, WNEM, chief engineer... Station fields calls from concerned TV viewers about analog-to-digital changeover (Mon, 8/11)

When it comes to television, Philip L. Hammis has seen it all. The 73-year-old Saginaw resident has owned and operated Television Village, now at 3165 Shattuck in Saginaw Township, for 41 years. He's still doing the same work -- selling and servicing televisions -- even though the electronics themselves have evolved constantly... Digital conversion excites 41-year TV repairman from Saginaw (Mon, 8/11)







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