Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Sept 16, 2008

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Eric and Carson exit Banana 101.5

Afternoon drive jocks Eric Thomas and Carson Lee are no longer with active rock WWBN-FM 101.5 Flint, having been let go by the Regent-owned station.

The Eric and Carson Myspace page, www.myspace.com/ericandcarson, contains a posting from this morning from Eric: "Effective immediately, there is no Eric and Carson show. We have been fired from Regent Broadcasting. There will be plenty of time for explanations (there will be), but now is not the juncture in which I really feel like getting into it. I think long time listeners will be able to figure out what happened, and who is responsible.

"The truth is that this is more the norm in radio. Our durability over the years has been without precedent in this area, and people whom have never even been to our city are the ones who made this decision (but those in this area are not absolved of blame either). Every option from here on is on the table, and we will do whatever is best for the individual members of the show.

"For now, thanks for a great 6 years. I promise I am going to explain all of this soon, but I am not really in the mood right now."

No replacement show has been named as of yet.



CMU introduces new journalism lab, major

The future of journalism has arrived, and it's at Central Michigan University. CMU's new Caponigro Multimedia Lab, unveiled to the public Sept. 16, will prepare the university's students for high-tech careers in the ever-changing journalism industry.

The lab's opening is closely tied to CMU's recently approved major in new media/online journalism, which officially will launch in the spring of 2009. It will feature such courses as introduction to online journalism, advanced online journalism, computer-assisted reporting, multimedia reporting and an online journalism practicum, many of which will be taught using the lab and its arsenal of new-media tools, including camcorders, digital cameras and audio recording equipment.

A gift to the university's journalism department from CMU Board of Trustees Chairman Jeffrey R. Caponigro, a CMU alumnus who is president and chief executive officer of Southfield- and Tampa, Fla.-based Caponigro Public Relations Inc., helped to fund the construction and equipping of the lab. The technology-laden facility has been named in his honor.

"The addition of this lab is indicative of CMU's commitment to the experience of its students," said Caponigro. "Newspapers have changed and are turning more to multimedia, and the lab will help our journalism graduates stay on top of the game."

CMU journalism department Chairwoman Maria Marron said Caponigro's vision and generosity have paved a path to success for her department, its students and its programs.

"The Caponigro Multimedia Lab will help bring CMU's program into line with other high-caliber journalism and mass communication programs," she said. "Without Jeff Caponigro's willingness to provide these resources, we would not be going in this direction, and our students would not have these opportunities."

And the lab's future is secure, as an endowment has been established to ensure that the facility can keep pace with changes in technology in perpetuity, said Caponigro.

"It is a wonderful model for other projects that require both a major up-front cost and some significant maintenance and upgrade expenses into the future," he said.

To learn more about CMU's journalism programs visit journalism.cmich.edu and for additional news from Central Michigan University visit its online newsroom at www.news.cmich.edu.



This should have never happened! They shouldn't have had the chance to get fired in the first place. Your "durability over the years" has been a joke! Why wouldn't local management make such a fine decision? Somebody in-house too close? So sad....now back to some active rock n roll.

This comes as a huge suprise and disappiontment! That was a great show and the new people suck. I will no longer listen to that station!!!

Kudos to Regent for finally waking up to the fact that the "show" was not funny. What a joke that they actually thought that their "show" would be syndicated. It takes more than fart jokes and spewing liberal talking points to get a national audience, it takes actual talent. Something neither of them have.

Good bye E&C, your dozens of fans might miss you, but rest assured the rest of us will not.






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