Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Sept 19, 2008




WGER Saginaw PD changes

Lauren Davis is the new program director at WGER FM 106.3 Saginaw as Bob Moore leaves the pop station. Moore had also been the station's afternoon drive host.



Saginaw News:

For the past 10 years, Andy Rapp had endured, and enjoyed, life in a hot and very public seat. As the host of the award-winning live public affairs program "Currently Speaking," airing at 8 p.m. Tuesdays on Channel 19, he never knows how callers are going to respond to the often-strong opinions he and his weekly two guests are expressing. "I was against this president (George Bush) and the (Iraqi) war and was alone in the field," says the 63-year-old Midland resident. "It's hard to stick to your guns sometimes when callers are railing at you. "Now I feel vindicated (because the public is no longer supportive of Bush and the war)"... Andy Rapp reflects on 10 years of opinionated phone calls as the host of Channel 19's "Currently Speaking" (Fri, 9/19)







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