West Michigan: Newsmakers Sept 27, 2008





'Jump A Jonas,' To Win $10K: CLEAR CHANNEL Top 40 WSNX/GRAND RAPIDS morning meister PUDDIN' tells ALL ACCESS, "We offered a $10k reward for the first person to prove they've had sex with a JONAS BROTHER. The boys talk a lot about purity and living a lifestyle free of temptation and while that is an excellent way to live your life, we wanted to know if everyone had their level of self-control. That is why we are offering a $10,000 bounty to the person that can 'jump a JONAS' and prove it. If you are able to legally bed down either of the two JONAS BROTHERS who are of legal age to do so and are able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did the deed, you can collect the $10,000 bounty. We just made E! CHANNEL's Daily 10, a ton of gossip blogs, and now the Mouse's cross hairs. DISNEY and the boys are not happy. But we're just having a little fun!" Find out more at www.jumpajonas.com. (Fri, 9/26)




Top 5 radio stations among all radio listeners age 12 and over during the second summer ratings trend in Grand Rapids were WBCT, WOOD AM, WSNX, WGRD, and WLAV... Grand Rapids summer phase 2 ratings (Thu, 9/25)







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