Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Oct 26, 2008




Detroit Free Press:

As Groucho Marx used to say: "Hello -- I must be going." After compiling the daily array of breathless celebrity news called Names & Faces for -- gee, it does seem like forever, doesn't it? -- it's time to call it a career. Hey, I've been getting adrenalin-stoked thrills from deadlines at the Free Press since Jan. 5, 1971, when I started here as a copy boy ... Doing Names & Faces was seldom work. Oh, I always did other tasking here --and that was work. (Covering local radio and television where every personality shift was something you couldn't be beat on and where Bill Bonds was an ever-present story waiting to happen? Orchestrating production of the TV Book? Managing syndicates and comics? That's all work)... After 37 years, Sminty signs off (Sun, 10/26)



Ann Arbor News:

The new CD "Live From Studio A2: Volume One," a venture of Ann Arbor radio station 107.1 (WQKL) that incorporates tracks recorded through its Studio A2 and Studio A2 On The Road shows, is good music for a good cause. The draw of a CD like this one is the chance to hear fresh versions of familiar songs, unfettered by studio production. Every performance here - most recorded live at the downtown Borders store or at 107.1's studio - is terrific, and the sound quality is sparkling... "Live From Studio A2: Volume One" a treat (Sun, 10/26)







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