Sales / Transactions / FCC Actions: Nov. 5, 2008




• The FCC has granted the applications of WCAR AM 1090 Livonia and WOAP AM 1080 Waverly/Lansing to modify their broadcast operations. WCAR would increase daytime power to 1.0 kW and nighttime power 800 watts and modify both antenna patterns from its current 250 watts daytime and 500 watts nighttime operations. WOAP at Waverly would be granted nighttime operations at 4,500 watts. The FCC decision results in a change to the license of WTIC AM 1080 Hartford, CT, requiring that station to accept interference from WOAP to the station's skywave service area during the extended operation period of its daytime facilities between local sunset at Hartford and Dallas, TX when WTIC switches to its nighttime operations. FCC Memorandum Opinion and Order (.pdf)







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