Sales / Transactions / FCC Actions: August 4, 2008

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• Smile FM was granted a license for WSLI FM 90.9 Belding. The station began operations as part of the Smile FM contemporary Christian network.

• Northern Christian Radio was granted a license for WZHN FM 91.3 East Tawas. The station has been heard carrying the programming of Northern Christian Radio even though it operates within the same area of NCR's FM 106.1 in the Tawas area.




I can confirm that 91.3 WZHN IS indeed airing Northern Christian Radio, at least for now. I was in Standish last weekend and confirmed this. Not sure if this would be permanent, since 91.3 and 106.1 have pretty much the same coverage area. I think it would be neat if they could sell 106.1 and it could be turned back into a local commercial signal for the Tawas area.

Thanks Chris. I updated this entry with this info!






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