West Michigan: Newsmakers Nov 10, 2008




Muskegon Chronicle:

After five years of work -- organizing, planning, fundraising and praying -- the switch has been flipped. There's a new presence on the Muskegon-area FM dial. And if you've ever wandered near the A-stage at the Unity Christian Music Festival, it just may sound familiar. That is no coincidence. For the past several years, organizers of Muskegon Community Radio -- the Christian non-profit presence behind a new youth-oriented Christian radio station -- have been spending time in spots where they're likely to rub elbows with teens and young adults, talking with them, listening to them, listening with them ... Now the music pours round the clock from the radio dial at 88.9 FM, the new home for what organizers are calling Hey! Radio -- hence the station's call letters, WHEY... Unity fest inspires new Christian radio station (Sat, 11/8)




Because of necessary antenna work at the transmitter our coverage to off air viewers will be reduced starting Saturday morning (11/8/08). This will be for a one week period from Nov. 8th to the 14th... WWMT operating at reduced power (Mon, 11/10)







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