Comcast has major TV service interruption




Just before noon today, television customers of Comcast cable in parts of Michigan experienced a major service interruption. The outage of most TV channels appeared to affect Comcast customers in multiple locations across Michigan, from Metro Detroit as far west as the Lansing area and north to Flushing. Just after the outage began, customer service lines appeared to become overwhelmed, resulting in all circuits are busy messages or even hangups after being connected.

After about 30 minutes, customer service lines confirmed the outage but did not provide any details on possible restoration of service. Customers in different locations reported that there were several channels that continued to operate, such as The Weather Channel and Public/Educational/Government offerings. Advertisements that appear to originate on local cable systems were are functional and appeared on channels that were otherwise not showing any programming.

In Macomb county, service was partially restored within about two hours but not all channels had returned.

If the root cause of the outage turns out to be related to today's winter weather, it would be quite ironic for Comcast as it has based a good deal of its marketing on contrasting cable's supposed availability no matter what the weather is compared to what Comcast infers is unreliable service from satellite TV companies in foul weather.







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