Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec. 15, 2008




Detroit Free Press:

Targeted as one of several metropolitan areas most at risk of seeing a large number of households lose their TV connections when broadcasting moves from analog to digital format, Detroit soon will have the help of assistance centers to steer its residents through the transition. Today, advocates who determined the most at-risk cities will announce details regarding the opening of the centers. "This is not easy stuff," Mark Lloyd, a vice president for the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, said Friday. According to a statement about the announcement, "Communities of color, people who rely on languages other than English, low-income working families, older Americans and people with disabilities who rely on over-the-air TV for emergency public service announcements will be most affected." Lloyd's organization, based in Washington, D.C., is joined by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and Self-Help for the Elderly in setting up the centers, which will encourage consumers to apply for two, $40 coupons for digital converter boxes and either use or donate them by the Feb. 17 transition date... Centers to help with move to digital TV (Mon, 12/15)







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