Metro Detroit: Newsmakers: Dec. 16, 2008




Detroit Free Press:

Are you ready for D-Day? That's Feb. 17, the day when the television broadcast industry switches to all-digital video, or DTV. Starting tonight and every Tuesday until the big day, Detroit stations will run a 60-second test that shows viewers whether their television is ready for digital or whether it's still receiving the about-to-end analog signals. Tonight's test will be at 6:12 p.m. on all nine Detroit stations. The Dec. 23 test will be at 11:12 p.m. and the times will continue to vary each week through D-Day. Citing a survey from Nielsen, the media research company that measures TV audiences, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters estimates that about 146,000 households around metro Detroit aren't ready for the switch. That represents about 8% of the television households in the market. "That's still a lot of people, no doubt about it," said Marla Drutz, general manager of WDIV Local 4 in Detroit. "If they don't take some action by Feb. 17, they will get a blank screen. Nothing. No picture, no sound"... You have 2 months to convert to digital TV (Tue, 12/16)



Detroit News:

Detroiters can see today whether their televisions are ready for the digital revolution. A test will be held on the major stations at 6:12 p.m. Viewers who see a green "pass" message come up on their screens are fine. Those that see a red "fail" message need to perform some extra steps to continue watching TV past Feb. 17. Detroit will be one of seven cities nationwide that will open assistance centers to help people make the transition to digital television, according to the national Telecommunications and Information Administration... Tune in to test TV for digital switch (Tue, 12/16)







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