Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec. 17, 2008




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As a pair of venerable daily newspapers prepares to scale back distribution, stations in Detroit wonder what sort of opportunity the papers' decreased visibility spells for them. As had been hinted at, The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News will cut home delivery dramatically in March. Gannett's Free Press will deliver Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and MediaNews Group's Detroit News will be delivered Thursday and Friday. (The two are published jointly by the Detroit Media Partnership.) The papers will print slimmer versions for the newsstand the rest of the week. With its auto giants reeling, the economic climate in the #11 DMA is grim. While station managers say they're saddened to see their print brethren take such drastic steps, they're happy to reach out to the papers' advertisers. "We're doing a thorough analysis of who advertises in the paper on the days it won't be delivered," says WDIV VP/General Manager Marla Drutz... Detroit Stations Eye Opportunity As Papers Pull Back (Wed, 12/17)



Detroit News:

Nielsen ratings tell us how many viewers are tuning in and what shows they're watching, but when I want to know the real deal, I rely on my readers to keep me on my toes and in the know. For instance, earlier this month, I wrote about WJBK-TV (Channel 2) taking the top ratings spot in the mornings, WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) garnering the highest ratings at 5 and 6 p.m. and WDIV-TV (Channel 4) boasting the No. 1 newscast at 11 p.m., all according to Nielsen's November sweeps book. But it wasn't until I received an e-mail from Detroit News reader Garard Noel of Canton Township that I was able to put a human being behind the stats... Forget Nielsens ratings -- viewers know the score (Wed, 12/17)




TV stations in Detroit know exactly what stations in other markets are experiencing as they begin to cope with the full impact of the recession that is tracking the nation. Stations in DMA 11 have been living with hard economic times for years. "Detroit is ground zero in the global economic collapse," says Ben Burns, a media professor at Wayne State University. "Detroit and Michigan were in a recession over the past three or four years -- and the nation, now going into a recession, just exacerbates unemployment levels here." Burns, once executive editor of the Detroit News, says the Detroit area's 9 percent unemployment levels will rise into double digits as the auto industry contracts. The situation is the worst he has ever seen, Burns says. "Detroit is the poster child for the challenges of television advertising," says BIAfn analyst Mark Fratrik as he was revising Detroit marketwide revenue figures -- downward -- for BIAfn's annual economic outlook for the television industry... Detroit Stations Taking It on the Chin (free subscription requried - Wed, 12/17)







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