Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec. 24, 2008




Detroit Free Press:

The 2008 Lions are a throwback kind of team. They remind me of a special time in America, many years ago, when nobody knew how to play football. Also they remind me of when people had no choice but to get their news from the radio. I remember those days vividly: My family would huddle around the old Philco radio in the living room, hoping to find out why I wouldn't be born for another 20 years. Now Lions fans know the feeling. Five of the team's eight home games were blacked out on local television. Thankfully, the car we use here on the Road to XVI -- a special-edition Ford ConFusion -- is equipped with a radio. That is why today's installment of "The Road to XVI: Countdown to Time Expiring," is dedicated to the Lions radio team of (Dapper) Dan Miller, Jim (Brandy) Brandstatter and Tony (Tony) Ortiz. We are Four Days Away From Green Bay, and these men deserve your applause... Lions bring back radio, have winning team there, at least (Wed, 12/24)







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