Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec. 25, 2008




Detroit News:

There couldn't have been a more dramatic time for J. Mikel Ellcessor to land in Detroit as general manager of Detroit Public Radio WDET-FM (101.9), unless it was July-August 1967, or maybe in the late '30s, in the midst of the UAW's organizing push. Detroit has the ongoing saga of Kwamegate, the economic peril caused by the troubled Big 3, and a beleaguered local economy that has hit fund-raising public radio stations hard. "I really believe that we're living in a moment of history right now," Ellcessor, 44, said last week. "People are looking to make sense of a senseless world, a very fearful world. Now more than ever, Detroit deserves really great noncommercial radio. We want to help people stay informed, but give them a little extra, as well." Ellcessor was named general manager after a national search, the first permanent g.m. since Michael Coleman 's resignation two years ago... WDET general manager comes at exciting time (Thu, 12/25)







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