Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec. 4, 2008




Detroit News:

If you still smile when you hear the old CKLW jingle "and the hits just keep on coming," the man responsible for creating that tighter-than-tight Big 8 format in the late '60s, Bill Drake , died of lung cancer Saturday at his California home. He was 71. In the mid-'60s, Drake put the pedal to the metal on the pop radio format by emphasizing forward motion -- a philosophy some boiled down to "shut up and play the music." "Before us, disc jockeys would just ramble on incessantly," Drake told the L.A. Times. Drake launched the "Boss Radio" format on KHJ in Los Angeles starting in 1965, transforming it into a powerhouse that made hits for the Doors , the Mamas and the Papas , etc. Although the frenetic format de-emphasized personalities in favor of music, some emerged anyway: the Real Don Steele , for one. In 1967, CKLW's owners brought Drake in to shake up the pop station's format, and the fast-paced "Big 8" soon buried Detroit's No. 1 station WKNR , with its emphasis on star jocks playing top music... The late Bill Drake made listening to the radio exciting (Thu, 12/4)

Local country station WYCD (99.5-FM) is teaming up with Beaumont Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network to present a foot-stompin' Christmas show and give back to the community in one fell swoop. Tonight at the Palace of Auburn Hills, country mega-star Gretchen Wilson will perform, with support from Chris Cagle and up-and-comer Jimmy Wayne. Wilson, a Grammy-winning singer and best-selling author, shot onto the national stage in 2004 with her No. 1 hit "Redneck Woman: Stories of My Life," off her five-times platinum debut album, "Here for the Party"... Gretchen Wilson, Chris Cagle and Jimmy Wayne will light up The Palace (Thu, 12/4)







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