West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec, 14, 2008




Kalamazoo Gazette:

When Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech Aug. 28 at the Democratic National Convention, millions watched the historic event on their television sets. But Kalamazoo-area motorists in their vehicles at that late hour also had a chance to hear the speech of the first black Democratic presidential nominee on their radio dial at 95.5 FM, which launched that day. That speech became the first thing broadcast on 95.5 FM, the simulcast station of WNWN-AM 1560, The Touch, which has been bringing rhythm and blues music here since June 1996 but would sign off by early evening each night. The new FM station now allows 24-hour access to music and talk entertainment with an R&B flavor, something local citizens have been pushing for in earnest for more than 20 years. Their efforts have ranged from circulating petitions and holding public meetings to trying to buy stations. Over the years, there's been smatterings of R&B music programs and even a short-lived radio station... Fight for 24-hour R&B: citizen activism set the stage for new Kalamazoo-area radio station (Sun, 12/14)



Grand Rapids Press:

Do not panic. Do not adjust your television. OK, maybe adjust your television. But only if you see red. Local TV stations are joining forces to address viewer confusion about the upcoming switch from analog to digital service. Stations will conduct brief "soft tests" starting Wednesday that will help viewers determine whether television sets are ready for the conversion, which will happen Feb. 17. At 6:08 p.m. Wednesday, participating stations will air a 90-second test-screen graphic showing one of two things: • Viewers whose sets are conversion-ready will see a green screen. • Those who see a red screen will need act before Feb. 17 to avoid losing service. Cable or satellite subscribers and owners of newer TVs with digital tuners won't need to do anything. Viewers with older analog sets -- including those who use antennas or rabbit ears -- likely will need to buy a digital converter box... Trial runs coming Wednesday to help you check TV for digital readiness (Sun, 12/14)







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