Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Jan. 22, 2009




Detroit News:

It began in a converted garage in downtown Detroit back in the summer of 1994, and we had no idea what it was, or what it would become, or where it would lead. It was the first all-sports radio station in Detroit, WDFN, and it was long overdue in a great sports town. So I started talking on those airwaves, along with my partner, Mike Stone, first on Sunday mornings and then, in the spring of 1995, in afternoon drive time. Wayne Fontes was the Lions coach then. Don Chaney was the Pistons coach. Scotty Bowman had just started his Red Wings run. Sparky Anderson was nearing the end as Tigers manager. We never thought it would last forever. Many people doubted it would last more than a couple of years. The signal was always sketchy and there were hirings and firings and the occasional tiff with one of the local teams. And WDFN plugged along, pushed by little more than voices and passion and the loyalty of sports fans. Nobody gets to pick their ending, not in this economic climate, usually not ever. So this will be one of the few times -- on the air or in print -- that I won't whine... Bob Wojnowski: Thanks for the memories, WDFN (Thu, 1/22)

Dell Warner left her mark on stage, in print and on television, both in front of and behind the camera. But friends say her most lasting legacy is the impression the former Detroit News columnist and local TV personality left on the lives of everyone who knew her. "Her brilliance and dedication to others are rare gifts," said Linda Solomon, a renowned photojournalist from Bloomfield Hills and a longtime friend of Warner's. "She was never too busy to help anyone and she expressed that in every aspect of her life." Warner died of cancer Wednesday. She was 84. Her professional career encompassed the theater, where she appeared in musicals with Ethel Merman on Broadway in the 1950s, newspapers and TV news. Years later, Warner wrote a Detroit News column about senior citizens and the issues they face. She was a correspondent who covered senior issues for WDIV-TV's "Coming of Age" segments in addition to serving as the show's producer. Her work earned her three Detroit Emmys... Correspondent loved the 'spotlight' (Thu, 1/22)



Detroit Free Press:

Dell Warner, the often edgy but always caring newswoman, died Wednesday of cancer. She was 84 and lived in Oak Park. An Emmy Award-winning broadcaster and former adviser to Lt. Gov. Martha Griffiths, Ms. Warner's diverse career included singing on Broadway in 1956 in "Happy Hunting," which starred Ethel Merman. Known to family and friends as Bubbee, Ms. Warner left the footlights for Detroit, where she became public information officer for a 600-patient methadone maintenance clinic in Detroit. Her work as an advocate led to a job hosting "Woman to Woman" on WXYZ-TV (Channel 7)... Dell Warner dies; broadcaster was one of many titles (Thu, 1/22)

The move to push back the looming Feb. 17 date for the transition to all-digital TV has been stalled, signaling that this new Congress is as indecisive and bogged down in partisan bickering as the old one. Meanwhile, it appears likely that those over-the-air viewers who do not yet have a converter box are going to be unable to watch TV in less than a month. After Republicans in the Senate blocked a bill last week that would push the date back four months, Democrats in the House Energy and Commerce Committee were to take up their version of the bill Wednesday. But Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif., surprised everyone by postponing discussion to "assess the implications of the Senate action." Confused? So is everybody -- the TV industry, which has invested billions and been running nonstop announcements of the DTV transition date; wireless carriers, which are set to take over the to-be-vacated standard analog TV channels, and consumers, who've been jerked around by everyone on this... Congress waffles on DTV transition postponement (Thu, 1/22)







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