Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Jan. 6, 2009




Saginaw News:

D-Day has an extension -- sort of. The nation's switch to digital from analog signals will occur as planned on Tuesday, Feb. 17. However, U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, is behind legislation President Bush signed into law that will keep emergency analog air waves in place 30 days after the deadline. The purpose of "Short-Term Analog Flash and Emergency Readiness Act" is to give Americans, particularly the elderly and disabled, more time to ready for the conversion. Lawmakers and critics of the transition have called into question how smooth it will prove with as many as 8 million households unprepared. To make matters worse, a government effort that subsidizes crucial TV converter boxes is nearly out of money. Saginaw County Commission on Aging Director Karen Courneya said an additional 30 days for over-the-air emergency signals isn't likely to garner any public relations awards among seniors, though well-intentioned... Some seniors stymied as TV switch to digital modified (Tue, 1/6)







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