Northern Michigan: Newsmakers Jan. 4, 2009




The Alpena News:

Viewers of local station WBKB will continue to be able to enjoy the CBS affiliate through their cable package, for at least the near future. The station had requested that Charter Communications remove its signal from its cable service effective Dec 31, but the cable giant plans to continue to broadcast it after the previous deadline passes. "We won't be dropping WBKB from our line-up on the Dec. 31 date set by them," Charter Vice President Tim Ransberger said. "We reviewed our contract with them and there is nothing in it that enables them to demand it." The station is asking for a fee from the carrier for use of its signal and negotiations have been ongoing since summer, but little or no progress has been made. "We sent them a letter from our attorney and we have yet to receive a response from them," Ransberger said. "We talked to their general manager, but we are not close to a long-term deal at this point." Both Charter and WBKB have received e-mails and calls from customers with questions and concern regarding the impasse... Charter: No plans to drop signal (Mon, 12/29)







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