Recent upgrades give WLCM improved Lansing coverage




WLCMWhen was then WCER AM 1390 began operations in August 1956, it was licensed and programmed to Charlotte. I-69 was still in its planning stages and the distance between the larger community of Lansing seemed much further away than it does today. The station, now known as WLCM Victory 1390 and licensed to Holt, has been broadcasting a Christian-based format for nearly 30 years, targeted mostly at Lansing listeners. Until recently the station had been limited to essentially what was daytime-only signal in Lansing proper as after sunset WLCM was required to reduce power, substantially reducing its coverage outside of its Eaton county tower location near Charlotte.

In 2005, owner Jon Yinger first received permission from the Federal Communications Commission to construct a new nighttime tower site for WLCM and increase power at night to give the station a full time, full market signal 24 hours each day.

"It took over a year to work through the zoning situation for the new nighttime broadcast site in Ingham county," explains Yinger. "We took the opportunity of being able to improve our nighttime signal to also rebuild the current daytime operation, which remains near Charlotte. We found many hidden skeletons and gremlins. The daytime work included new towers, base insulators, ground system, sampling system and a rebuild of the phasor and antenna tuning units, finally giving WLCM the coverage it is supposed to have."

"The night site consists of 4 towers south of Holt," continues Yinger. "While some have criticized putting this much work into a standalone AM, my opinion is how can you not build this. We took a station that couldn't really make its licensed 5,000 watts during the day, had 500 watts pre-sunrise and 70 watts at night and turned it into a true Lansing signal. We put a real 5000 watts out during the day and 4500 watts at night. The daytime city grade goes through downtown and the nighttime city grade is stellar. All things considered, WLCM is now one of the better AM's in the market."

WLCM is touted as Lansing's exclusive home for The Dave Ramsey Show, Dr. Laura, BibleLine, Thru the Bible and more. In addition to the improved over-the-air coverage, the station also offers a web stream from its web site at







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