West Michigan: Newsmakers Jan. 29, 2009





In December WLAV's morning radio host Kevin Matthews announced he had multiple sclerosis, he says MS is definitely changing the way he thinks about even the simplest things like walking through the snow. Matthews says he also notices that some days are better than others, "You can just run out of gas real easy and sometimes it will last a couple hours sometimes a day." It's a classic symptom of multiple sclerosis, overwhelming fatigue. Other symptoms of MS include loss of balance and muscle control. Now Kevin is thinking about what else might change in his life, "I love the outdoors, I love bow hunting. How do you get up into a tree stand? Little things like that you start to think about." He's also not very fond of giving himself the steroid injections that keep his MS from progressing, "I hate the fact that I have to give myself a shot. There's really nothing to it but psychologically it's giving yourself a shot, it's either this leg, this leg, your stomach your arm." But don't think for a second he's throwing himself a pity party... Kevin Matthews - battling MS with humor (Wed, 1/28)







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