Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Feb. 3, 2009




Detroit News:

It's not that WJR-AM (760) leans so far to the right it almost topples over, even though you wonder sometimes how the Golden Tower stays vertical. The reason the station will broadcast Republican L. Brooks Patterson live tonight and air Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm on tape two hours later is that the Oakland County Executive asked first -- so far in advance, in fact, that WJR's operations manager says he laughed. Steve Stewart, who handles programming for the Great Voice of the Great Lakes, also says he can't believe people are still testy about the scheduling conflict. Many are, however, and one of them is married to the governor. From Stewart's standpoint, "This should be a nonissue in the big picture," the big picture being that thing with all the budget cuts and layoffs in it. From First Gentleman Dan Mulhern's standpoint, however, it's a sign of what WJR (760) has become. Interviewed on Michael Shiels' morning show on WJIM-AM (1240) in Lansing, Mulhern said WJR "used to be a pretty balanced station that really gave people a sense of what is going on. But now, with their national and local programming, there is such a Republican tilt to everything"... WJR: No vast right-wing conspiracy (Tue, 2/3)

On behalf of the guy who gets first crack at the doughnuts in the WJR-AM (760) break room, Frank Beckmann took offense on the air this morning to Dan Mulhern's comments in my latest Detroit News column. He took enough offense, in fact, to invoke the word "coward." Mulhern was not pleased with WJR's decision to tape-delay tonight's State of the State address by his wife, Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm. While she's speaking at 7 p.m. at the state Capitol, WJR will be airing the State of the County speech by Republican Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. Interviewed on a Lansing radio station, Mulhern suggested that Patterson won the scheduling battle because of WJR's undeniable tilt to the right. (WJR, as detailed in my column, says Granholm was bumped to 9 p.m. simply because Patterson called first.) Mulhern also invoked the name of the late radio legend J.P. McCarthy, who worked the morning shift at WJR for decades. Paul W. Smith holds that job now. Beckmann follows from 9-11:30 a.m., and he felt that Mulhern took an unfair and poorly placed shot at Smith... WJR's Beckmann defends station from Granholm's husband (Tue, 2/3)

WDVD's Blaine Fowler Makes 'Snow Angels': CITADEL Hot AC WDVD/DETROIT's BLAINE FOWLER of the BLAINE & LISA MORNING SHOW has formed a band called BFE (THE BLAINE FOWLER EXPERIENCE). Having been inspired by the snowiest winter ever in DETROIT, BLAINE teamed up with 96.3 Creative Services Director FIG and Interns BIG BAD BILL and JACLYN to produce their first song and a video called "SNOW ANGEL." To check it out, just click here. (Tue, 2/3)







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