Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Feb. 4, 2009




Detroit Free Press:

Static. Channels that are no longer there. "What happened to my TV?" some Comcast subscribers in Detroit might be wondering. This has nothing to do with that national transition to digital television that is scheduled to happen Feb. 17 when broadcasters are to switch to all-digital signals -- unless Congress votes today to give them more time to prepare. Instead, Patrick Paterno, Comcast's Michigan spokesman, said Comcast's moves are part of an ongoing process to convert its network in Detroit from an old analog system to a digital signal so that it can add more high-definition programming... Some in Detroit lose Comcast channels (Wed, 2/4)

From the blogosphere:

Specs Howard's Bob Burnham has written about some of the things going on in Detroit radio on his Sounds & Colors blog:

Art Vuolo is best known in the Detroit area as "radio's best friend" and his now defunct columns in the Oakland Press. His commentary can still be read on the web at and he has a business that offers airchecks and programs he has produced over the years about and for radio. Just go to Video featuring just about any air talent you can remember can be found in Art's offerings ... Ted "The Bear" Richards (veteran CKLW-AM jock of the 1970s-80s), just celebrated a year of being back on the air in Detroit. Catch him afternoons on WOMC 104.3. The playlist of this station is microscopic compared to what "The Big 8" aired back in their heyday, but Ted is better than ever. In the midst of tough times, Ted's show is always bright and upbeat. I don't know how to describe the jock style that is typical of most of the talent on WOMC to people who haven't lived through it. They feature strong personalities that are allowed to do more than just read liners. The program elements are no-mess-around-TIGHT much like they were in the days when hit radio formats could be found on the AM band ... The painfully-long awaited return of Jeff Deminiski and Bill Doyle made its WCSX debut on New Years the very second their old contract allowed them do. Mornings with "D & D" are now a fixture on WCSX having now completed a full month of being "back." Ted Richards' WOMC show basically sounds exactly the same as his CKLW days. The same for D & D comparing their "old" show to the "new" one. Their old station went through a variety of "flavors" before finally becoming a sports station, but D & D never changed, and the current show, although airing mornings and now having more of a classic rock edge (what ever that is!), still sounds like a bunch of people chatting at the corner pub, and not much different from the "old" show... Vuolo, Ted the Bear and D & D







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