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Detroit News:

WJBK-TV (Channel 2) is still No. 1 in the morning according to the ratings. The station's early-riser show "Fox 2 News Morning" grabbed the top spot during the February sweeps period, which came to an end earlier this month. Sweeps numbers are used to set advertising rates. Nationally, many markets are measuring ratings results accrued this month, per the suggestion of Nielsen Media Research. The Illinois-based firm made the change from February to March this year because of the original digital conversion date and stuck to it even after the government's delay to June. As a result of the delay, markets like Detroit are still looking at February ratings to better compare annual increases and deficits between 2008 and 2009... WJBK dominates Metro Detroit morning television ratings (Fri, 3/20)

Taking a page from the Jay Leno book of economic relief for recession-punched Detroiters, Dr. Phil McGraw will make two free appearances in Detroit next month. Appropriately, he'll talk about how to meet the challenges of living with purpose when times are tough. McGraw, the opinionated host of the popular "Dr. Phil" show, which airs on Channel 62 (WWJ), will appear at 7:30 p.m. on April 1 at the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts and at 2 p.m. onApril 2 at I Am My Brother's Keeper Ministry... Dr. Phil to host two free TV tapings in Detroit (Fri, 3/20)

There's a patio! He can see it! Right there, out the window of his downtown sub shop! "Omigod," says Ron Cameron, the semi-famous, downwardly mobile sportscaster, "it's bigger than I thought!" He's been prepping the shop for weeks, getting ready for yesterday's opening. You'd think he might have counted the number of circular concrete tables on the patio before -- six, plus two wide benches. But he's always been better at imagination than details, and besides, surprises are exciting! Cameron, 64, is like a human nail gun, spitting out exclamation points. Two guys in their 30s walk past on Washington Boulevard, headed for a Red Wings game, and they're both wearing Nicklas Lidstrom jerseys. "That's interesting!" he says ... Thirty years ago, the games made him a star. He had a sports talk show on what's now WXYT-AM (1270), and he pulled serious ratings. From 1984-91, in the early days of cable, he and Bob Page hosted a show called "Sports View"... Ex-big leaguer's subs could be a hit (Fri, 3/20)



Hospice of Michigan documentary to air on Detroit Public Television Monday, March 23 and Sunday, March 29

Hospice of Michigan, one of the nation's leading non-profit hospice organizations, has produced a documentary film called Except for Six that will be televised on Detroit Public Television on Monday, March 23 from 9 - 10 pm, and on Sunday, March 29 from 4:30 - 5:30 pm.

Beginning with a strong desire to illuminate a tough subject -- dying -- and change the way people think about end-of-life, Hospice of Michigan embarked on creating a documentary that would be engaging and honest about one of the most important life passages. Except for Six tells the story of three people who are living with terminal illnesses, shows choices they make, and the individual ways they choose to live out their lives.

The documentary has been previewed by individuals from within the documentary film industry, including award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, who said of the film, "This is a heart-felt and important film that takes a subject that most of us would rather ignore and humanizes it. From the dedicated doctors and caregivers to the heroic patients, this is the story of what will happen to all of us."

"Storytelling is the best way to share information and get people to see subjects in new ways," said Dottie Deremo, president and CEO of Hospice of Michigan. "The documentary film, Except for Six, uses humor and emotion to tell the moving stories of three people, and hopefully will get the viewer thinking about a topic they might otherwise avoid. We are very excited that the documentary will be televised on Detroit Public Television, and we hope people will watch."

The film was directed by Matt Burnell, a young filmmaker from Grand Rapids. He and his crew spent many hours with the patients and families whose stories are told in the documentary. Burnell said, "In a very short time, the patients and their families became accustomed to us being there, and we had the privilege of observing this very special time. As a result, we are able to share one of life's most natural events with the audience."

The title of the documentary, Except for Six, has a double meaning. Ron Christie, the 69-year-old man whose story is told in the film, spoke behind-the-scenes about the importance and value he placed on the "six people who carry you to your final resting place." In hospice care, patients are referred to a hospice program when it is believed they have six months or fewer to live.

The film was edited locally by Derek Swanson of Mad River Post in Royal Oak.

Hospice of Michigan is one of the leading non-profit hospice organizations in the country, and the state's largest hospice organization serving more than 900 patients every day. Hospice of Michigan's mission is to care for all who need and seek our care regardless of age, diagnosis, or ability to pay. The documentary film Except for Six is part of a public awareness campaign from Hospice of Michigan called "Have You Had the Talk?" For more information about the campaign, go to Hospice of Michigan, with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, and offices located in 17 communities, serves patients and their families in more than 60 counties in the state of Michigan.







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