Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Mar. 4, 2009




Detroit News:

Sports radio host Mike Valenti began his show Wednesday on The Ticket (97.1) by offering an apology for reading on the air a listener comment that made light of the situation involving Corey Smith. Smith is the former Lions player presumed dead in a boating accident in the Gulf of Mexico. On Monday's "Valenti and Foster Show" with co-host and Detroit News reporter Terry Foster, Valenti read instant messages from listeners over the air, including one joke about Smith and another about a capsized boat. Valenti opened Wednesday's show by referencing "a very, very, very stupid decision on my part -- probably the dumbest, most reprehensible decision I've made in my radio career. We were doing instant feedback and I put something flat-out on that never should've gotten on. No one else deserves to get blamed but me"... Ticket host Valenti sorry for reading boater joke (Wed, 3/4)



Detroit Free Press:

Detroit sports-talk radio host Mike Valenti apologized on the air today for reading jokes from listeners about free agent defensive end Corey Smith, who played for the Lions the past three seasons and is lost at sea. Valenti, leading off the "Valenti & Foster Show" on WXYT-FM (97.1), called it "a very, very, very stupid decision on my part, probably the dumbest, most reprehensible decision I've made in my radio career." Smith and three others went on a fishing trip over the weekend off the coast of Tampa, and their boat capsized. One survivor was found. The Coast Guard called off the search for Smith and the two others Tuesday evening. On Monday afternoon, Valenti read two instant messages from listeners -- one joke directly about Smith, another about a capsized boat... WXYT's Mike Valenti apologizes for Corey Smith comments (Wed, 3/4)

After Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand apologized to the family of Corey Smith for "reprehensible'' and "incredibly inappropriate'' remarks that were made on the team's flagship radio station (WXYT 97.1 FM), radio host Mike Valenti apologized to his listeners. During a Monday afternoon show featuring Valenti and co-host Terry Foster, several jokes were made about the situation involving four men who were missing in the Gulf of Mexico, including Lions defensive end Corey Smith. On Tuesday evening, the Coast Guard called off the search. One man was rescued with the boat but the remaining three men, including Smith, are still lost at sea. Here is a transcript from that show... Radio host apologizes for 'reprehensible' comments about Lions' Corey Smith (Wed, 3/4)







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