Looking for an intriguing talk program? Hire Gregg and Michelle




Here's a truly unique idea from former WKRK-FM 97.1 duo Gregg Henson and Michelle McKormick -- cash back (or travel) rewards for leads that result in them getting hired back into radio as a team.

In addition to their partnership at WKRK, Henson is known locally for his work at sports outlets WDFN and WXYT while McKormick was popular in Grand Rapids at WVTI and WGRD.

Check out greggandmichelle.com for all the details on how you can claim 'prizes' such as a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico or Las Vegas, tickets to this fall's Michigan-Ohio State football game ... or even have the chance to visit Henson in Round Rock, Texas where you'll hang out with Henson family and have the chance sneak on to a golf course.

This is the most creative self-marketing scheme I've seen recently. But -- if you hire them based on this shameless Michiguide.com blurb, let them know I'm gonna pass on a trip to Mexico about now.







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