Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Apr. 30, 2009




Detroit News:

At Saturday night's J. Geils Band concert at the Fillmore, WCSX-FM (94.7) 's Steve Kostan gave credit to "the good doc of rock," Doug Podell , for coming up with the idea to have the band reunite for a Detroit show (two, as it turned out). Podell talked to promoter Live Nation and they made it happen. Podell said he was looking for something special for the first anniversary of his new job overseeing both WCSX and WRIF-FM (101.1), as well as for WCSX's 22nd anniversary. "I always loved J. Geils, and I've been trying to reunite them for years, but it never made sense to do it with WRIF," Podell says. "When I saw that charity concert they were going to do in Boston, that's when I put the call in to (Live Nation's) Dave Clark." Lead singer Peter Wolf and the band were skeptical about how well a show would do, or if anyone even cared anymore. The shows sold out in minutes, and audiences were ecstatic. The band was overjoyed as well... Liked J. Geils Band? Thank Doug Podell (Thu, 4/30)

Hire a morning radio team, get a free vacation. The vacation is supposed to be five days in Mexico, the swine flu capital of North America, so that part might need some tinkering, But rather than sit back and wait for offers, former Detroit radio hosts Gregg Henson and Michelle McKormick are trying something proactive: Bribery... Radio gig? They'll pay: Former Detroit duo offers trips for return to airwaves (Thu, 4/30)







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