Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Apr. 3, 2009



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Detroit City Council President Monica Conyers, who has raised eyebrows with her reported temper, will be interviewed on AM radio Saturday. Detroit Church & State Talk Radio Washington correspondent Nina Calahan James, legal analyst, Joseph Humphrey and host, Kwame Hardy will interview Conyers at 1 p.m. on 1500 AM WLQV Life Changing Talk Radio... Conyers To Appear On Radio Show (Fri, 4/3)

WCSX/Detroit's D&D Collect 'Faces' Of Auto Industry: GREATER MEDIA Classic Rock WCSX/DETROIT morning hosts JEFF DEMINSKI and BILL DOYLE are trying to put a face -- or, more precisely, thousands of faces -- on the crisis facing DETROIT's auto industry by collecting photos of people affected by the government's decisions on bailing out the business and turning them into a banner to be delivered to WASHINGTON. The "FACES NOT NUMBERS" campaign was devised by producer JIM O'BRIEN, who wanted to put the faces of Detroiters in front of the people making the call on how to handle the auto industry's travails to remind the politicians of the human lives at stake. The show is collecting photos by e-mail and regular mail and plans to set up collections at factories and other strategic locations in the region. DEMINSKI said, "60 days, 30 days, percentage of market share, loss columns, billions in loans...the numbers can make the politicians and the rest of America forget these are real people with real families that will be forever changed by what comes next with the troubled auto industry. We're putting faces to the numbers as a reminder of that." (Fri, 4/3)







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