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NEXTMEDIA Talk WSGW-A (NEWSRADIO 790) and WSGW-F (FM TALK AND SPORTS 100.5)/SAGINAW-BAY CITY-MIDLAND are launching a campaign to help promote a positive outlook on the economy. The "P.O.W.E.R." campaign, explains VP/GM SHANNONE DUNLAP, is an acronym for "Positive Outlooks Whip Every Recession."

"We want to do our part to help break the back of the recession that has gone on too long," said DUNLAP. "We urge all Americans to exercise the POWER within your control to help make a difference in the economy. The economy is largely a state of mind. Consumer confidence can bring pressure to bear on the business barometer just as rising barometric pressure brings better weather."

PD/OM DAVE MAURER added, "Time, talent and treasure are interrelated factors. If we all use those personal assets wisely, we can have impact in our communities. Whether you volunteer to help with a summer festival, use your talent to beautify and improve your home and neighborhood, or make a commitment to spend within your means on the purchases you have put off, now is the time to show POWER."

The campaign kicks off at the GREAT LAKES BAY REGION BUSINESS EXPO on MAY 5 at SAGINAW VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY. Station personalities will hand out thousands of red, white, and blue POWER buttons at the stations' booth, and people wearing POWER buttons will be eligible for instant cash prizes if they're spotted by station prize patrols. Homeowners and businesspeople will also be urged to display POWER signs on their properties.







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