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WTCM's Jack O'Malley set to celebrate 25 years on the air

In the pre-dawn hours of May 3, 1984, a young man sat in a radio studio on Front Street in Traverse City. He nervously switched on the microphone, introduced himself, and began building a legacy. On May 3, 2009, Jack O'Malley will mark 25 years as morning host of WTCM radio, thereby writing a new chapter as the longest running and highest rated morning show in Northwest Michigan history.

Jack's bright and cheerful voice, rich sense of humor, and absolute devotion to his family, his country, and his beloved Detroit Tigers, has won the hearts of thousands of WTCM listeners across two generations.

With the love and support of his wife Joann, Jack shared with us the birth of his two daughters Beth and Grace, the agony of sending them off to kindergarten, the trials of teenage years, and the pride in their remarkable achievements as they grew into young women. He has taken us along on expeditions to Hawaii, New York City, Nashville, and the Caribbean. He's flown in stunt planes, delivered letters, care packages, and cigars to soldiers in the war zone, danced for snowflakes, and comforted us on 9/11.

He let us witness the earliest sparks of skyrocketing superstars like Randy Travis, Garth Brooks, Leanne Rimes, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift. On April Fools Days past, he has sold the Detroit Tigers to Toyota, convinced listeners to cover their telephone handsets with plastic bags while the fiber optic lines were blown out, and introduced us to the fabled Michigan Dogman. Traveling thousands of miles through all kinds of weather, Jack crisscrossed the state for seven years to broadcast play-by-play of Traverse City High School football and basketball. Along the way, he sent home many memorable milestones, including two thrilling State Championships in Class A football for the Traverse City Trojans.

Jack's influence has extended far beyond the microphone. His tireless efforts have transformed Traverse City's Memorial Day ceremony into a fitting patriotic tribute to our fallen soldiers. His long-running television feature, "Jack's Journal" introduced us to scores of interesting stories, products, and people. He has also merged his lifelong love of baseball into coaching, instilling character and teamwork to a new generation of young women on Traverse City West High School's girls softball team.

To his legion of loyal fans, he is the familiar voice of the morning - every bit as vital as their first cup of coffee. To his colleagues and co-workers, he is universally trusted, respected, and admired. To his players, he is Coach O'Malley. To his family, he is a dedicated dad and loving husband. To everyone he touches, he is above all else, our friend Jack.

Jack will share memories and stories from the past 25 years, Friday, May 1, 2009 from 5:30 - 10:00 a.m. on WTCM-FM 103.5 and 93.5FM.







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