Sales / Transactions / FCC Actions: Feb. 27, 2009




• The FCC has granted a petition to modify the FM table of allotments for Evart, Ludington, Pentwater, and Manistee. A new Class A allotment has been created that could provide Evart its first local service at FM 102.7. In order to 'make room' for this potential new station, WMOM Pentwater will move from 102.7 to 96.3, a presently vacant allotment at Ludington will change from 96.3 to 97.7, and WMLQ Manistee will shift from 97.7 to 104.3. The new 102.7 allotment to Evart and the currently vacant Ludington allotment will be auctioned off by the FCC at a later date; meanwhile WMLQ and WMOM will be required to apply for construction permits to change their frequencies and the ultimate permittee of 102.7 Evart will be required to reimburse the owners of WMLQ and WMOM for allowed expenses related to their respective frequency changes. FCC Report and Order (.pdf)







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