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A DJ so nice, you can hear him twice

If you're lucky enough to live in the middle of the state and are able to pick up Citadel active rock outlets WKLQ-FM 107.3 Greenville/Grand Rapids and WKQZ-FM 93.3 Midland/Bay City, you can hear two different afternoon drive programs from the same jock. Jay Deacon hosts 2 - 7 p.m. on WKLQ and nearly simultaneously (3 - 7 p.m.) airs on WKQZ. But the trick is that the shows are not simulcast, leaving listeners on their own to figure out on which station and for what segments is Deacon live or voicetracked.

While the overlap area between WKLQ is WKQZ is mostly rural in nature, it's still an interesting study in how radio companies are doing all they can to cut costs yet maintain as much of a local feel as possible.



Grand Rapids Press:

Ever wondered what a radio show looks like as it's being recorded? Ira Glass is giving you a chance to find out. The host of Chicago Public Radio's popular "This American Life" program plans to take his cast in front of the cameras for a live simulcast on Thursday. The show will be broadcast in high definition via satellite to more than 400 movie theaters across the country, including Celebration Cinema North and Holland 7 in West Michigan. Tickets for the evening event already have been selling well at Celebration North, said Steve VanWagoner, Celebration Cinema's vice president of marketing... Radio's quirky 'This American Life' hits Grand Rapids-area theaters (Tue, 4/21)







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