Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers June 17, 2009




Adrian Daily Telegram:

People who rely on antennas to deliver television programs in Lenawee County are still struggling to find channels since the switch to digital on Friday. Some owners of digital-ready television sets were left with blank screens while they figured out how to properly scan for the new signals. And Toledo's WTVG and WTOL, broadcasting on channels 13 and 11, ran into reception barriers when they switched from temporary UHF signals to permanent VHF at reduced power. The two television stations report they have been swamped with complaints from callers since Friday. Viewers are exchanging complaints about losing receptions on the station's Web sites. "We have a digital TV and were viewing the digital channels right up until Friday, June 12," said one WTOL blog entry. "Now we do not receive Channel 11 or Channel 13. It almost seems like they don't exist. It's good to see that we are not alone." "We're not happy and our viewers are not happy," said WTVG chief engineer Barry Gries. "The reason people are not receiving us is that it's not enough power"... Viewers struggle with digital TV switch (Wed, 6/17)



Mt. Pleasant Sun:

Richard and Dora Van Horn had no idea they were diving off a digital cliff when they bought their retirement home in western Isabella County more than a quarter-century ago. The word "digital" wasn't in most people's vocabulary in those days, and applying it to television would be years in the future. The digital future became very real to the Van Horns when the television stations that had kept them company for years blinked out last Friday. That was the day analog television ended for most stations in the United States. "We had a high antenna. We had the boxes," said Dora Van Horn. "We got nothing." Actually, it turns out that they were able to bring in four signals from two digital stations, but the couple, who are in their early 80s, needed some assistance... Rural central Michigan struggles with DTV reception (Wed, 6/17)







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