Metro Detroit: Newsmakers July 14, 2009




Detroit News:

Drew Lane slipped back into the morning groove at WRIF-FM (101.1) so seamlessly Monday, it was as if Metro Detroit was having a simultaneous acid flashback to September 2007. Or maybe we just dreamed that he left the show, like Pam dreamed that Bobby was dead on "Dallas." It wasn't a dream -- Lane did leave, tired of the morning grind and wanting to help his fiancee battle cancer. The tanking economy prompted his return. Wearing a fresh Tigers cap, Lane appeared relaxed as he and partner Mike Clark riffed on Michael Jackson, Detroit's city council and sports... Drew and Mike reunite on morning airwaves (Tue, 7/14)



Detroit Free Press:

Metro Detroit commuters and fans of WRIF-FM's (101.1) top-rated morning talk show remembered the past and caught a glimpse of the future Monday as "Drew & Mike" went live for the first time in nearly two years. Drew Lane, who left the show in September '07, returned to his post alongside cohost Mike Clark. Despite some opening-day jitters, their chemistry, developed over 14 years together, reignited immediately, resulting in entertainment in its highest form. Well, maybe not its highest form. Mike, after all, performed his explosive Butt Mic routine. But the morning certainly was provocative, humorous and even insightful... First day for 'Drew & Mike' hits the mark (Tue, 7/14)







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