West Michigan: Newsmakers July 30, 2009




Grand Rapids Press:

He's one of those radio veterans who has done it all. With more than 30 years experience, Bruce Parrott found himself without a job in April after working for Regent Broadcasting for more than 14 years. Now he begins a new chapter in his radio life as host of "Legacy," a show that airs from 6-8 p.m. Sundays on Community Media Center radio station WYCE-FM (88.1). "I have been able to find magic in radio for 30 years, making people laugh, informing people, making great lifelong friends, helping out individuals and community organizations, but WYCE and its philosophies take me back to why I walked into a radio station for the first time, when I was in college -- to play and share music that I love and am constantly discovering, for other people," said Parrott, who first got his start in radio while a student at Grand Valley State University in 1975... Radio veteran Bruce Parrott now hosting 'Legacy' on WYCE (Thu, 7/30)




After a 20-year run on Radio in West Michigan, Dave (Jagger) and Geri (Jarvis) suddenly found themselves off-the-air. Blame the recession, blame budgets, blame Radio's short-sightedness. Well, there's an old saying: "Don't get mad. Get even" and that's just what they're doing with Podcasting... Dave and Geri: When Radio Turned its Back on Them - They Turned Up the Heat (Thu, 7/30)







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