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At age 13 Art Vuolo huddled under the blanket at night listening in the dark with an earpiece. His rocket-shaped plastic radio had an antenna sprouting from its nose. With an alligator clip to ground the radio to a wall plug, he could tune in "Night Beat" with Bernie Herman on WIRE(AM), a station a few miles away from his home in Indianapolis. This was 1958. Within 10 years Vuolo would be on his way to making his own radio history, not as a DJ but as an archivist of the radio industry. "The radio bug really bit me then," said Vuolo (pronounced VOE-low) from his home in the Detroit suburb of Novi, Mich. "Another radio personality who had a big influence on me was Jim Shelton, who hosted record hops in addition to 'Platter Party' on WIBC(AM). He let me help him out at remotes and dances, and I got to the point where I could sign his name on his 8-by-10 promo photos as well as he could." By DXing, Vuolo was able to extend his horizons and tune in stations all over the country at night. He kept a log of what he heard and came to appreciate the air talents in each market... Art Vuolo: Still Radio's Best Friend (Tue, 8/25)







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