West Michigan: Newsmakers Aug. 1, 2009




Grand Rapids Press:

At 10:05 a.m. on a Monday morning, the Michael Jackson song "Black or White" pumps through a Kentwood radio studio. Time for Skot Welch and Rick Wilson to rock. "Welcome, folks!" Welch pipes into his microphone. "This is 'Radio in Black and White,' the most integrated hour of the week." At the top of their weekly radio show about race, the pair go at it like the old friends they are -- with a good dollop of morning DJ banter thrown in. "The mayor showed up on our fan page! I was amazed!" chimes in Wilson with the smooth charm of a 20-year broadcast pro. "What if the PC people show up?" quips Welch. "We drive them crazy," Wilson retorts. These two aren't worried about political correctness -- in fact they banish it from their studio. Their two-hour show on WPRR-AM (1680) is all about pushing people out of their comfort zones into a meaningful discussion about race relations... Kentwood talk show hosts address racial tensions on morning radio program (Sat, 8/1)







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