Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Sept. 24, 2009




Detroit News:

Before there was MTV, before the Internet and YouTube, if you wanted to see what your favorite musicians looked like, you had to tune in at 8 o'clock Sunday night to the "Ed Sullivan Show." The whole family would watch the plate twirlers, the Vegas comedians, the puppet Topo Gigio, the indescribable Senor Wences, until finally, stiff-necked Ed would present, "for the youngsters in the Yew-nited States and Canada," the hottest pop music act of the week. This Saturday at 9 p.m., Detroit Public Television WTVS will air "Ed Sullivan -- The '60s," ahead of most of the country (it airs nationally in December). The show is hosted by producer T.J. Lubinsky, Letterman bandleader Paul Shaffer and radio personality Jay Thomas. Music clips from the vast Ed Sullivan library have been shown before, but this is the first time so many from the '60s are being shown together as intact performances... WTVS airs the best musical performances from 'Ed Sullivan' (Thu, 9/24)







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