Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Sept. 28, 2009




The Oakland Press:

On a cold winter evening in December 1990, I answered the phone and a warm summer breeze wafted over me. It was the mellifluous baritone of Ernie Harwell. We talked a few moments, then Ernie said he had a favor to ask: Would I be able to come to the Tiger Stadium the next day? He wanted me to be there with him for a press conference. Marcy and I had been with Ernie and Lulu for dinner not long before and both seemed in good health. Still, my first thought was that Ernie was going to announce his retirement. But I knew if he wanted me to know the purpose of the press conference, he would already have told me... Ernie Harwell: 'The Inferno at Michigan and Trumbull' (Mon, 9/28)







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