Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Sept. 8, 2009




WDFN rethinks 'Herd' mentality

Clones rejoice - the plug has not been pulled on Jim Rome's midday chatfest and will continue to be heard on WDFN AM 1130 from noon-2pm. It appears that he'll still lose the 2-3pm hour - but fans of the show will no doubt be pleased that WDFN gave the show a last minute reprieve and won't be airing ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd in that spot, as was previously announced. Today marks the return of primarily local-based programming after nearly 8 months on WDFN, led of this morning by Sean Baligian.



Detroit News:

Ernie Harwell never asked to be gushed over when he was healthy, and he wouldn't want anyone to start now that he's not. But the next logical time to tell this story would be after his incurable cancer does what incurable cancers do, so why wait? Listeners always had the sense that Harwell was the nicest man on the planet. They were correct. He has a knack for deflecting and refocusing awe -- for turning all of the attention to people who are dumbstruck at being in the presence of William Earnest Harwell. You want to talk about him, but he wants to hear about you. He's a truly humble soul who has accepted last week's diagnosis with the same grace he accepted all the good things to come his way. The Lord giveth a Hall of Fame broadcasting career and the adoration of millions, and the Lord giveth a tumor in the bile duct of a 91-year-old. He knows that's a pretty good trade-off... Ernie Harwell accepts cancer news as humbly as accolades (Tue, 9/8)







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