West Michigan: Newsmakers Sept. 28, 2009





Judge Christopher Yates ruled WJNZ will stay on the air as usual until the parties involved in the contested sale of the station have time to gather their evidence on the process of the sale. The station, at 1140-AM, was in foreclosure. Holy Family Radio, a Lowell-based Catholic programmer, was awarded the station after their $310,000 bid was accepted. But Robert S. Womack, a station personality and competing bidder, said the foreclosure sale process was not fair. He challenged the process in court Friday. Judge Yates ruled that any party who wants to continue in the bidding process to buy the station must put up $315,000 in escrow. Beyond Womack and Holy Family Radio, a group headed by Marvin Sapp, Praise Place, is also interested. After the court proceeding, Sapp would not comment on Praise Place's bid, but said he was joining forces with Womack... Sale of WJNZ put on hold (Fri, 9/25)







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