Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Oct. 8, 2009




Detroit News:

I've had more than a few calls and emails from unhappy WVMV-FM smooth jazz listeners who don't know what they'll do, now that their music has been dumped for teenager-friendly Top 40/contemporary hits. Most say they're not interested in buying a new radio right now, or listening online -- neither option will solve their listening in the car or at work dilemmas. Jazz during the day is pretty nonexistent on the Detroit area dial, the corporations who own most of the stations don't care about jazz fans. However, there has to be five or six stations now that will play Lady GaGa for you...OK, so that's not an option. WRCJ-FM (90.9) hopes to pick up listeners, but they don't play jazz during the day, only after 7 p.m... Finding jazz on the FM dial... (Thu, 10/8)







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