Northern Michigan: Newsmakers Oct. 29, 2009




Petoskey News-Review:

We are all for a good prank and think we have a good sense of humor, but one Northern Michigan radio station has sunk too low. On Tuesday, listeners to WKLT's morning radio show were told trick or treating was canceled across the area because of the recent sicknesses breaking out. Parents and children were upset and called the offices of area chambers of commerce and even the News-Review to find out more. In light of all the school closings and various nursing homes asking children not to trick or treat at their facilities, to some people the canceling of trick or treating in a community was a feasible scenario. It turns out this was a "prank" perpetrated by this radio show. It was a prank that played off the fears of area families already worried about a serious flu spreading through the schools. It was bad timing, not funny and in poor taste (especially since it, in a big way, played off the emotions of children looking forward to a fun evening out)... Shameful radio 'trick' is no treat (Thu, 10/29)







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